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Amazing monthly box from #veganstrong

"Amazing monthly box from #veganstrong. Tons of full-size snacks, protein samples, couple of drinks, coupons galore, samples, informational content and more!"

- Alexa
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Jam packed with plant-based snacks

“This new Vegan Strong Team Box is jam packed with all the plant-based snacks we love!”

- VegNews Magazine

Perfect thing for riders

"I got my #veganstrongbox! It's a great value, and the perfect thing for riders looking for new and interesting ride snacks and recovery shakes. The nitro cold brew coffee with the oat milk sounds exciting. (It's chillin' in the fridge). There's a whole book in here too - Flexible Dieting for Vegans. I think my "dieting" is a little too flexible though. :)"

- Julie

It was like Trick or Treating


"On Friday, in a moment of hanger, I ordered the new Vegan Strong Box. The is a new monthly box that you order on demand and is filled with tons of vegan products - snacks, drinks, mixes, and lots of coupons for free, BOGO, and discounted products. As I sat on my bed digging through all the goodies, my husband commented that this was like my trick-or-treating! So true! This box included some of my favorite vegan snacks, but also a lot of things that were new to me. The biggest surprise to me was that this was not all food/drink and related items, but also included a copy of VegNews Magazine, and an actual book! But wait, there's more! Just as I finished going through my box, I received an email with even more goodies, which was a huge surprise to me. This was fun to get in the mail. And I was just saying yesterday that I need to do better at keeping the house stocked with healthy snacks because my run training is about to enter next level. It's nice to be able to try out some new things and decide what I want to keep on hand going forward."

- Michelle
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The absolute best - ever!!!

"We received our VS Team Box – the absolute best - ever!!! We have tried them all (Keto Krate, Bulu Box, Vegan Cuts, Snack Sack, Snack Nation and one or 2 more). Love the snacks, the book from Dani and the coupons/stickers and mini-bag. We will be posting on your Instagram. Great work . . . your boxes will make wonderful holiday gifts, too."

- Christy K.

Affordable way for me to be able to try new things!

“Dude. The peeps at the @veganstrongteam came through in a big way! So many amazing goodies in the first monthly box! I love trying new things so this is a perfect more affordable way for me to be able to try them! Grateful for this amazing not for profit team that comes up with nonstop fun things for us! “#veganstrong #veganstrongteam #whatveganseat #veganbodybuilding #vegansnacks

- Terry H.

Additional Testimonials

"I was absolutely floored by the quality and quantity of contents. You guys really did this right. It was like Christmas and Halloween (goodies to explore) rolled into one. I've identified three or four products that I will be ordering, and I just felt the love that was put into this project as I sat there "unboxing" everything. A++ 101%!"

- Paige K.

“I immediately had the Bobo’s oat bite while I unpacked the box, and then snacked on the MetaBall Energy Bites before doing some Yoga. So good! I even let my husband share - he had the Frooze Balls PB&J bites. I’m looking forward to trying all the other things!”

- Michele S. 

"Oh-my-gosh! We just received the October @veganstrongteam box - It's FANTASTIC! We've tried many subscription boxes, and this one truly blows them away with the amount AND quality of the items inside. Not sure how you folks can equal or top this with your next box. Oh wait, that's right - you're amazing! Thank you, Vegan Strong Team!"

- Chuck K. 

"Participating in the inaugural Vegan Strong box has not only been fun (and delicious!) but has also inspired me to be a better vegan advocate. Thanks for all that you and your friends at Vegan Strong do to promote the vegan community. I aspire to be more like you all!"

- Wendy S.

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