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PLANTS have all the PROTEIN you need.
Vegan Strong is a team of champion vegan athletes, coaches, nutritionists and authors that inspires and informs individuals on how to be healthy, strong and competitive on a plant-based diet.

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PLANTS have all the PROTEIN you need!


Fuel your body and reach your fitness goals by choosing plants - the best source of nutrients your body can get. 


Our team of Vegan Strong bodybuilders are proof, you don't need animal protein to see results.  

Being Vegan Strong is not just a mindset or approach to life, but also a compelling, healthy and fit lifestyle that benefits human health, animals, and the planet.

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Power up with plant-based protein

Plant-based protein sources like legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, and vegetables harness the power your body needs, without all of the negative side-effects that accompany animal-based proteins like meat, dairy, and eggs.

Learn more about easy vegan recipes that are high in protein and will help you reach your fitness goals!

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I was stuck at a point in my journey where I wasn’t sure what to do next. Then I saw the Vegan Strong Team’s Instagram story about their seminar and I knew it was what I needed to do.  So I purchased my ticket to the event.

Then I saw that it was in Arizona and would include actual lifting! Then I was scared and was second guessing my decision. I had never flown before. I had never lifted weights. And I had never gone to a real gym! So I was beyond nervous but told myself to be scared and do it anyway! So I bought a plane ticket and booked a hotel room. I had never gone on a trip alone before. This was all new to me!! But I knew that I needed to break through my comfort zone and just do it.

The seminar was so amazing!!! Each team member had their own topic from nutrition to teaching proper lifting techniques. The passion that each one of them brought to their topic and to each other’s topics was amazing. The room was full of like-minded people who wanted to help and share their knowledge and experiences. I learned so much that day from all of them, but most of all I found the passion that I had been missing on my journey for awhile. This seminar and this team has helped me realize that I’m stronger than I think!


Meet the #veganstrongteam

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