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4 New Vegan Cheeses to Enjoy in 2023

by Dani Taylor

A 2014 survey by Human League Labs revealed that dairy was the most challenging product to give up for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-reducers. The good news is that 2023 marks the launch of four new vegan cheeses in the U.S. that promise better flavors, textures, and an extended line of options for anyone who is ready to make the leap into dairy-free.

1. New Culture's Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella held the largest share of the vegan cheese market in 2021 at just over 30% revenue share, and it's predicted to maintain this leading status through 2030. Helping it along is a breakthrough precision fermentation process that's been further perfected by savvy startup New Culture.

With a team that includes a synthetic biologist, a food scientist, a microbiologist, a protein scientist, and a co-founder with dual degrees in genetics and microbiology, New Culture has discovered how to efficiently grow the signature casein proteins found in cow's milk - using an animal-free technique. Why is this so important? Well, it's all about quality: caseins are abundant in mozzarella cheese and provide the cheese's signature stretch, texture, melt, and a host of important nutrients.

Due for release in late 2023, this next-level "dairy-identical" mozzarella cheese promises to make your next vegan pizza party a big hit.

2. Laughing Cow's Vegan Cheese Wedges

Famous for its signature cheese wedges, Laughing Cow read the room and released a vegan version of its classic, creamy spread in December 2022. The 100-year-old company crafted its plant-based alternative from almond milk, pea protein, coconut oil, and sunflower oil. Both plant-based versions - original and garlic & herb - are packaged in the same triangular-shaped wedges that were made popular by its dairy cheeses.

The snacking favorite is great for spreading on crackers, vegetables, and other hors d'oeuvres. These vegan wedges are also fortified with vitamin B12, which has been shown to support bone health, improve mood, slow mental decline, promote red blood cell formation, and improve heart health.

3. Miyoko's Creamery Dairy-Free Cottage Cheese

Watermelon might not be the first ingredient that comes to mind when you think about cottage cheese, but Miyoko's Creamery recently discovered that its seeds can be used to create a great vegan version of cultured dairy. This is because the globulin found in them coagulates (clumps) in a similar fashion to the proteins found in dairy milk. They utilized this science to craft a one-of-a-kind vegan cottage cheese.

Available in U.S. stores in early 2023, the "world's first dairy-free cottage cheese" provides 10 grams of protein per serving, an understated taste, and a creamy texture interspersed with curds to offer an authentic dairy experience that's crafted with pure plant-based ingredients.

4. Armored Fresh's American Slices

When you think of American cheese, the first thing that comes to mind for a lot of people is the slices used for sandwiches and snacking. In line with this tradition, plant-based food tech Armored Fresh is introducing its Almond Milk American Slices in the U.S. in 2023.

Using two patented methods of crafting the ingredients that focus on almonds and almond milk, Armored Fresh has been able to cut out the coconut oil that's a main staple in many vegan cheeses. The result? Excellent melt, according to Armored Fresh, making them perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches, appetizer toppers, and baked dishes of all kinds.

With these four new vegan cheeses that are available in 2023, cheese lovers everywhere will be able to expand their dairy-free culinary possibilities and create classic dishes that please even the most particular palettes.


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