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Environmental Impacts of Veganism

By Dani Taylor

Choosing a vegan lifestyle affects our world in many positive ways. While you may have very personal reasons for going plant-based, a vegan lifestyle significantly impacts the Earth as a whole. As environmental concerns grow, it is crucial to realize the difference that each individual can make.

Climate Concerns

It’s no secret that climate change continues to be a growing concern. Greenhouse gas emissions play a significant role in climate change. One of the biggest changes is reducing the overall consumption of meat. As a vegan, you are doing your part to fight climate change and make the Earth healthier.

Water Conservation

Animal agriculture depends on a massive amount of water to be productive. Much of the water needed to farm animals goes toward growing the food that livestock eats. Eating a plant-based diet cuts out the middle man and conserves water in the process. By changing our eating habits now, we can avoid water scarcity issues in the future.

Energy Consumption

Burning fossil fuels continue to create harmful emissions that negatively impact the world. Meat processing is a massive industry that uses vast amounts of energy. By eating a vegan diet, you can reduce the need for meat processing and support more energy-efficient plant-based agriculture.

Ocean Preservation

The oceans are home to very fragile ecosystems that are in danger of extinction unless major changes are made. Animal agriculture ruins the delicate balance in many areas throughout the world through run-off and changes to water temperature caused by emissions. Overfishing is another way that oceans environments suffer. By choosing plant-based foods instead of seafood, you can reduce the need for these types of products and the destructive impact that results.

Habitat Protection

We only have one Earth, so protecting it and all the creatures that live here is essential. Many animal habitats throughout the world are destroyed to create space for animal agriculture. Deforestation is a massive concern that can be reduced if enough individuals choose veganism. Without the demand for meat, there is no need to destroy native habitats for animal agriculture.

Our precious planet provides us with so many gifts. By switching to a vegan lifestyle, we can ensure that we protect the resources that continue to nurture humankind and the rest of Earth’s inhabitants, big or small. Doing what you can today greatly improves the chances of a healthier planet for tomorrow.


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