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Managing Menopause: The Benefits of Being Vegan

Menopause is a normal stage of a woman's life, but it can cause a variety of symptoms, including mood swings, hot flashes, and sudden weight gain. To manage these changes, adopting a vegan lifestyle might be revolutionary. Discover how a plant-based diet can make going through menopause easier.

1. Use Low-Fat Vegan Meals to Fight Hot Flashes

Extensive research, including comments from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine President Neal Barnard, M.D., indicates that a low-fat vegan diet can dramatically lessen menopausal symptoms. Women report fewer hot flushes in areas like Asia where the consumption of meat and animal fat is lower. This is explained by decreased estrogen activity associated with a diet low in fat. Those who consume a high-fat diet during menopause see a more dramatic reduction in estrogen levels, which exacerbates symptoms. On the other hand, a vegan diet can lessen these impacts when combined with lifestyle decisions like quitting smoking, consuming less salt and caffeine, and making sure you're getting enough vitamin D.

2. A Plant-Based Diet to Counteract Hormonal Weight Gain

Celebrities who have openly shared their experiences with perimenopause and weight gain include Drew Barrymore and Gabrielle Union. It turns out that a vegan diet is an effective way to handle this. Giving up dairy and other animal products aids in weight loss, especially in the belly area, which is a major trouble spot during menopause. The American Heart Association advises doing this because it lowers the risk of heart disease and enhances physical beauty.

3. Calcium from Plants for Stronger Bones

Because of lower estrogen levels, menopause is frequently followed by a decline in bone density. Although dairy products have historically been the recommended source of calcium, research, such as the Harvard Nurses' Health Study, suggests that consuming large amounts of dairy products may raise the risk of fractures. In addition to being safer and more ethical, plant-based calcium sources, including leafy greens, spare cows from the suffering that comes with dairy production.

Switching to a vegan diet during menopause can have a big impact on your health, from symptom relief to general wellbeing. It's also a kind decision that preserves animal life. A vegan starter kit is one of the best resources to have on hand if you're thinking about making this switch.


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