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By Dani Taylor

With warming temperatures comes the realization that swimsuit season is right around the corner. Instead of letting panic set in, try to create a positive mindset this year. Maybe you are not exactly where you would like to be in your fat-loss journey, but there is still time to step up your effort and establish healthy routines before summer.

As you probably know, fitness is multifaceted and requires both exercise and diet modification for optimal success. To look and feel your best, a combination of healthy fuel and fat-burning exercise is the way to go. Beyond the physical changes, a positive mindset is necessary to hold yourself accountable and stay consistent throughout your fitness journey.

Set Realistic Goals

Healthy weight loss is not going to happen overnight. Your body needs time to adjust to new habits. Consider setting a goal date and marking it on your calendar. What objectives will you have to meet to reach your goal? You may consider creating smaller, more attainable goals and rewards on the way to your big goal. Short-term goals can keep you on track and make you more likely to succeed. Try to make goals measurable to stay focused and remain objective.

Healthy Eating

After you have established your realistic goals, it’s time to make a plan to reach them! A considerable part of the equation is diet. Your body needs fuel to function, so this is not the time to try an extremely limiting diet. Building muscle and shedding fat requires energy, and the best way to get that is through a balanced diet with the correct macros for your body and activity level. Protein is often a concern as individuals take on a new fitness goal. One easy way to fulfill protein needs is to add vegan protein in the form of shakes, bars, or whole foods. Since vegan protein does not contribute to inflammation, your body may respond to weight loss better than if you were adding animal protein.

Exercise Matters

Diet alone is usually not enough to create a dramatic change in body composition in a short time. Sculpted muscle definition is accomplished through exercise as the body builds muscle and sheds fat. A combination of intense cardio and weight training is key when making significant changes quickly. It is also essential to keep in mind that the body does need time to repair after intense workouts, so scheduling appropriate rest between exercises is vital to your success. Sustaining an injury because of overuse will only set you back and keep you from reaching your fitness goals.

Unfortunately, there is no magic potion or shortcuts on the road to fat loss. If you stick with your routines, you may find yourself better able to make a significant change. Schedule healthy eating and exercise into your day for the best results. Remember that a positive mindset and consistency are essential to your success.


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