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Foods You Didn’t Know Were Vegan

Surprise! It’s Vegan!

One of the greatest joys a vegan cook will experience is creating a culinary masterpiece that is raved about by non-vegan guests. The knowledge that something so delicious can also be vegan is definitely a surprise for some unsuspecting foodies. In fact, many convenience foods on the shopping lists of non-vegans are surprisingly vegan. What better way to transition to a vegan diet than with foods you already enjoy?

Ritz Whole Wheat Crackers

Don’t let the buttery flavor of these crackers fool you! They are free from the dairy products that often go into the creation of prepackaged snacks. Enjoy these crackers on their own, topped with peanut butter, or even use them in a lentil meatloaf recipe or as a coating for seitan steaks. The versatility of crackers is endless, so finding a tasty dairy-free option is key.

Kraft Creamy Italian Dressing

Words used in advertising usually indicate whether a product is likely to be vegan. The word “creamy” will usually not make the cut. Surprisingly, this salad dressing contains no animal products and is an alternative to the typical vegan dressings of vinegar or citrus. While it may not be the healthiest vegan dressing, this is a good option if you are craving a convenient, traditional-style salad dressing.

Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

Dessert lovers can rejoice at the fact that this beloved topping is, in fact, vegan! Many types of chocolate contain dairy, so vegans will usually avoid it. Since no milk or cream is included in this recipe, feel free to apply liberally to your next bowl of “nice-cream” without guilt.

Pillsbury Original Cresent Rolls

Baked goods can be tricky regarding ingredients, and egg and dairy can find their way into unsuspecting packages. You may feel better knowing Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (the original style) are vegan, and they make an excellent side for meals or used in main dishes like vegan potpie.

McCormick Bac’n Pieces™ Bacon Flavored Bits

If food has bacon in the name, you will likely be surprised to find it is vegan. Such is the case with McCormick Bac’n pieces. Often sprinkled as a topping on everything from salad to pizza, this condiment can be found in vegan and non-vegan pantries. The tasty morsels are free of animal products and give a satisfying, salty crunch.

Oreo Cookies

Vegans with a sweet tooth will be happy to learn that most Nabisco Oreo sandwich cookies are dairy free! This may be a surprise since the chocolate-flavored sandwich cookies with the tasty filling seem to be a guilty pleasure. In fact, ingredient changes years back removed the whey that used to reside in the famous dessert making it now acceptable for most vegans. Enjoy dunked in your favorite milk alternative, or use crushed cookies as a crust for your next vegan cheesecake.

While they are not necessarily considered healthy foods, these examples prove that it is possible to incorporate vegan products into your diet without feeling like you are giving up all your favorites.


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