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Eat Vegan

Start your own Vegan Strong journey with our helpful resources & recipes!

What does a Vegan Strong athlete eat?

Did you know that many of the foods all athletes eat for athletic performance are plant-based? As Vegan Strong athletes, we eat exclusively plants to fuel and build our bodies. 

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Plants for high energy

Oats | Brown Rice | Quinoa | Potatoes
Mangoes | Carrots| Avocado | Asparagus
Almonds | Apples| Mushrooms | Watermelon Yams | Bananas | Berries | Leafy Greens | Oranges | Green Beans


Meals for high energy

Pasta | Burrito Bowls | Sushi Rolls

Chili | Soups | Currys | Wraps  Sandwiches| Baked Potato | Smoothies 

Oatmeal | Salads |Stuffed Squash  

Veggie Kabobs | Fruit medleys


Plants high in protein

Lentils | Kidney Beans | Black Beans

Tofu | Tempeh | Seitan | Pinto Beans 

Chickpeas |Peanuts | Cashews | Walnuts 

Pumpkin Seeds | Brussel Sprouts  

Adzuki Beans | Spinach | Broccoli  

Hemp Seeds

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Plant-based meals high in protein

Lentil Soup | Tacos | Black Bean Burgers
Chili | Soup with Tofu | Tempeh Skewers
Burritos | Portobello Burgers | BBQ Seitan | Stuffed Peppers | Veggie Curry 

Tofu Hot Pot | Plant-Based Meat  

Wraps | Bean Medley

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